Strength of the Storm” is an extremely powerful film that highlights the devastating impact that global climate change has had on the lives of Vermonters. Rob Koier’s documentary helps us all see and feel how the impact of our addiction to fossil fuels challenges life as we know it in an intimate and compelling manner. Let’s hope this important work inspires meaningful change.”

Jeffrey Hollender
Author, Activist, Co-Founder of Seventh Generation


“STRENGTH OF THE STORM” follows the stories of eight residents of Vermont’s Weston Mobile Home Park as they rebuild their lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene back in 2011. 

Few communities were more decimated by Hurricane Irene than Weston Mobile Home Park in the Central Vermont town of Berlin. Seventy out of eighty-three homes were damaged beyond repair.

salespage-003We meet a woman named Sharon Rae Quinn who was trapped in her flooded home for over six hours; an elderly retiree named Barbara Leach who was rescued in a bucket loader; and a retired public school employee named Sandy Gaffney who learned of her home’s destruction when she saw a photo posted on Facebook.


Weston Park residents faced constant economic discrimination after the storm. While the wealthier neighboring communities received overwhelming volunteer support, Weston Park residents were essentially left to fend for themselves.



 “STRENGTH OF THE STORM” is a solemn reminder of both the dangers of climate change and the harsh socioeconomic discrimination that often occurs in the wake of a devastating natural disaster. 



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