“No one in Vermont will ever forget Hurricane Irene–but too often there’s a temptation to forget the most tragic victims of the storm. What a good reminder of who pays the highest price for our needless addiction to fossil fuels.”

Bill McKibben, Environmentalist, Author, Journalist.

 “Strength of the Storm” is an extremely powerful film that highlights the devastating impact that global climate change has had on the lives of Vermonters. Rob Koier’s documentary helps us all see and feel how the impact of our addiction to fossil fuels challenges life as we know it in an intimate and compelling manner.

Let’s hope this important work inspires meaningful change.” 
Jeffrey Hollender, Author, Activist, Co-Founder of Seventh Generation

“The film is an inspiring example of how people can come together in the face of tragedy to organize for real change.”

Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream  

“In the wake of catastrophe, some of Vermont’s most vulnerable residents lost their homes but found their voice. “Strength of the Storm” is a moving and empowering chronicle of how people can organize, reclaim their dignity and their lives. This movie should inspire others in our climate-changing world how to stay together and fight for a more sustainable future.”
David Goodman, Author, Journalist, Radio Host of the “The Vermont Conversation”